IEC TC meeting 62 in Shanghai

The International Eletroctechnical Commission (IEC) through the Technical Committee 62 (TC), called Electrical Equipment in Medical Practice, is responsible for developing Technical Standards for Electromedical Equipments, by means of Subcommittees (SC). As a Brazilian representative, ABNT/CB-26 carries out the internationalization of IEC’s standards, constituting assessment commissions with the same structure of IEC’s committees. Hence, the development of ABNT/CB-26 works internationally takes place alongside with the International Standards Organization (ISO) and the International Eletrotechnical Commission (IEC). Every 18 months, approximately, subcommittees (SC 62A, 62B, 62C e 62D) carry out plenary meetings, which occur simultaneously to the meeting of all members of technical committee TC 62, consisting of reports of the previous period, standards published and under preparation, besides the program to be developed on the next period. Other meetings of specific scientific committees also take place during the period, as a means of optimizing the presence of national delegations. The meeting carried out in Shanghai from April 9 to 19, 2013, had the attendance of the Brazilian delegation comprised by the following participants: Lidia Vasconcellos de Sá, Daniel Alexandre Bonifácio, Marcelo Antunes, Rodrigo Félix and Maurício Castagna. The special attendance of Brazilian delegation to Shanghai meeting had as main purposes to interact, express opinions and develop international standards, as well as to establish an international standard to Brazilian production of medical products. In addition, plenary meetings were held, where the current status of the works and new perspectives were discussed and voted by heads of national delegations. The plenary meeting of committee TC 62 took place on April 19, with several discussions on works and interactions between the committees already established. Japan submitted a proposal of bringing together a new work group on SC62C to address more complex, four-dimension equipments, besides approaching equipments with hybrid techniques, such as PET/CT and SPECT/CT. During the event, Brazil announced the intention of hosting the next meeting in 2014 – proposal accepted by the full bench. Hosting the next meeting represents not only the Country’s intention to contribute to the work of international standardization, but also to foster participation of Brazilian representatives in committees and improve health care services.