PAN is the Brazilian Standardization work program for each ABNT Technical Committee, this program considers the Standard Projects predicted to be worked on during the year along with the schedule for the respective elaboration phases.

– phase 20 – Period in which the Study Commission is elaborating the Standard Project.

– phase 40 – Period for submission of the Standard Project to the National Consultation and its analysis for approval as a Brazilian Standard.

– phase 60 – Period for the approved Standard Project to be homologated and published as a Brazilian Standard.

This Work Program is annually presented to ISO, in compliance to what is provided in the Best Practices in Standards Code, attached to the Agreement of Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) by the World Trade Organization – OMC, of which the ABNT is a signatory.


Click on the name of the Study Commission to download the PDF:

26:020.02 – Electromedical Equipment Study Commission

26:020.03 – Image Diagnostic Equipment Study Commission

26:020.04 – Radiotherapy Equipment, Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Dosimetry Study Commission

26:050.01 – Dental Equipment Study Commission

26:050.02 – Dental Implant Study Commission

26:050.04 – Restorer, Shutter and Prosthetics Dental Material Study Commission

26:060.01 – Study Commission for Respiratory and Anesthesia Equipment

26:060.02 – Study Commission for Hospital Use Gases, their Processes and Installations

26:070.01 – Study Commission of Implants for Orthopedics and Body Contours

26:080.01 – Study Commission for Mechanical Contraceptives

26:090.01 – Study Commission for Health Products Sterilization

26:120.01 – Wheelchair Study Commission

26:140.01 – Study Commission of Non-durable Childcare Articles

26:150.01 – Study Commission of Quality Management and General Corresponding Aspects of Health Products