The Technical Committee, in this case, the CB-26, is the coordination, planning and execution organ of the technical standardization activities related to their performance scope, which must match the interests of the producers with those of the consumers.


  • Promote, disclose, develop and support the activities of Standardization by the Dental-Medical-Hospital Sector.
  • Take part in the Technical Committees and Subcommittees of ISO and IEC, acting on the development of the standardization in this scope.
  • Receive and analyze the demands for elaboration of new Standards and review of the existing standards.
  • Take care of the fulfillment of internal ABNT instructions.
  • Coordinate and plan the technical standardization activities.
  • Inform the ABNT resolutions to the Technical Secretary.
  • Watch over the Committee’s technical assets.
  • Help the Superintendent and the Coordinators of the Study Commissions on their jobs.

Check the study commissions here.


ABNT/CB-26 – Brazilian Dental-Medical-Hospital Committee Performance scope: Standardization in the dental-medical-hospital field, covering health correlated products, such as: material, articles, devices, appliances, instruments and accessories whose use or application in medical, hospital, dental and lab practices are associated to health actions and services, regarding terminology, requirements, test methods and generalities. Excluding the standardization of non-ionizing radiation, which is the responsibility of ABNT/CB-20.

Technical Secretary: ABIMO – Brazilian Association of the Industry of Medical, Dental, Hospital and Lab Equipment and Articles

Superintendent: Vicente de Paula Barbosa

Secretary Head: Erika Soares Ribeiro